HEMA Services

The HEMA group is well positioned to provide the range of services required to support higher education institutions in Africa to deliver on knowledge economy requirements. HEMA distinguishes itself by:

  • Working with and mobilising a wide network of academics and education management professionals throughout Africa;
  • Providing senior management consulting professionals with experience in project managing higher education institutional revitalisation initiatives for leading and disadvantaged SADC universities.

HEMA has identified the opportunity to further bolster the need for driving higher education institutions in Africa towards the knowledge economy through providing a full range of higher education institutional development services that include:

  • Co-ordinating selected international development financier initiatives to build the capacity of African higher education institutions;
  • Strengthening higher education commissions in selected African countries, by examining role, definition and tasks and relationships with national TE Departments and developing national information systems through partnerships between commissions and national Education Ministries / Departments;
  • Designing and delivering on regional, multi-institutional programme for higher education capacity development;
  • Institutional Strategy & Governance;
  • Re-engineering Academic / Student Administration systems and processes;
  • Strengthening Financial Management;
  • Developing and implementing management information systems;
  • Moulding organisational and management structures for better academic delivery;
  • Transforming Facilities Management;
  • Marketing planning and management;
  • Human Resources Management & Industrial Relations;
  • Unlocking the Value of Intellectual Property.


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