HEMA Organisational Partners

Essential to addressing the development challenges of Africa is the need to ensure that higher educational institutions on the continent are successful in delivering adequately qualified human capital to respond to industrial transformation and the requirements of the knowledge economy. In response to this need, Higher Education Management Africa (HEMA) was established by and FutureLead Consulting, in association with the Centre for Higher Education Transformation (CHET). HEMA works with a wide range of experienced higher education practitioners to delivered integrated solutions to universities, councils of higher education, regional associations and ministries of education.


FutureLead is a multi-disciplinary management services firm with specialist experience in the Higher Education (HE) sector. The firm has a proven track record in several higher education contexts in Southern Africa since 1996 , often responding to the need to transform institutions to meet cost efficiency and adequate service offering considerations within the higher education environment characterised by competitiveness, performance standard requirements and human development needs. FutureLead has functional expertise in disciplines such as governance, institutional planning, strategic management, marketing, communications, business process re-engineering, information systems, financial management, academic administration, human capital management and organisational development, marketing and student affairs. In addition, FutureLead has also specialised in providing institutional turnaround implementation services at higher educational institutions.


CHET is a non-governmental organisation that mobilises transdisciplinary skills for specific research and capacity development projects by tapping available expertise in the national and international higher education sector. CHET coordinates a network of higher education researchers and provides a forum for dialogue between the different structures, stakeholders and constituencies in higher education. Since establishment tin 1996, CHET has facilitated workshops and seminars, conducted research projects and delivered publications on several topics relevant to higher educational development. A particular recent focus has been examining higher education performance measurement and factors impacting on Universities and economic development in Africa.

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