Higher Education Management Africa

About HEMA

Higher Education Management Africa (HEMA) is the specialist higher education (HE) practice managed by FutureLead.

HEMA draws on the extensive advisory and management skills of a closely knit work group of experienced professionals and academic practitioners. Several of these individuals are associated with centres of higher education excellence in Africa, including the Centre for Higher Education Transformation (CHET).

The skills and experience within the HEMA group include providing institutional strategic guidance, conducting international comparative and Africa-wide higher education studies, managing high-profile regional programmes and implementing higher education transformation. HEMA is adept at examining higher education performance, including analysing factors impacting on Universities and economic development in Africa, and developing practical implementation plans to address these. These specialist skills are complemented by the extensive FutureLead experience with a comprehensive range of organisational interventions for most leading South African universities, that allows for a comprehensive HEMA service offering.

Information on HEMA

HEMA provides tailor-made services to clients in the higher education sector. These include the Human Resources Development Council (Botswana), National Council for Higher Education (Namibia) and Southern African Regional Universities Association (SARUA).

The African Higher Education Challenge

The Council for Higher Education Transformation (CHET) has embarked on an initiative to examine Higher Education and Economic Development in Africa, undertaken by the Higher Education Research and Advocacy Network in Africa (HERANA). The HERANA study[1] examined the role of higher education in development in three countries which have made successful transitions towards becoming knowledge based economies, namely Finland, South Korea and the United States […]

HEMA Organisational Partners

Essential to addressing the development challenges of Africa is the need to ensure that higher educational institutions on the continent are successful in delivering adequately qualified human capital to respond to industrial transformation and the requirements of the knowledge economy. In response to this need, Higher Education Management Africa (HEMA) was established by and FutureLead Consulting, in association with the Centre for Higher Education Transformation […]

HEMA Services

The HEMA group is well positioned to provide the range of services required to support higher education institutions in Africa to deliver on knowledge economy requirements. HEMA distinguishes itself by: Working with and mobilising a wide network of academics and education management professionals throughout Africa; Providing senior management consulting professionals with experience in project managing higher education institutional revitalisation initiatives for leading and disadvantaged SADC […]

For more information on HEMA, contact Adv. Johan Naudé via johan@futurelead.co.za

For information on HEMA’s work as technical implementation partner for the Southern African Regional Universities Association (SARUA), contact Botha Kruger via botha[at]futurelead.co.za

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